Product Information:

Therapeutate Pure Essene Oil Aromatherapy & Parfum au Naturel

Welcome to Pure Essene Oil Therapy and Parfum au Naturel, where we blur the lines between beauty, health and healing.

The ancients knew long ago that to truly be beautiful, the physical must be aligned with the spirit. Nothing epitomizes this concept more than a lifestyle which allows us to be one with nature and all of its bounty.

This often includes a daily regimen of eating wholesome foods, exercise and meditation. Further, we can enhance this balance by being conscience consumers. When we purchase products that are natural and organic, we foster an awareness not only to the preservation of mother earth, but to our very existence.

Our products are free of chemicals and other adulterations. They also aid in the support of small farmers and manufacturers around the globe who are interested in bringing quality products to the market place.

Having a healthy reverence for botanical life plays a major role in the preservation of our well being. Therapeutate fully understands the responsibility we all must take to ensure a healthy environment for generations to come.

“Our skin is a major part of our person eco-system, don’t pollute it with petro-chemical and animal by products.

Aromatherapy uses the elements contain in plant life to balance and heal our physical/ spiritual body. It employs the oldest sensory perception known to man, our sense of smell. This is often referred to as Olfaction. It connects with us at our deepest most primal self and goes directly to the source of our being.

The high art of Perfumery as we know it today is based deeply upon this concept. Smell has the ability to move us, evoking in us memories of the past and allow us to travel into the future. In a word, it is a very powerful vehicle.

Just for a moment ponder the increased effectiveness of such a vehicle when it is firmly rooted in plant botanicals. This is especially so when the flowers, herbs and resins are taken directly from the earth then applied in a way that fully assist us in our daily living.

“No Aroma composed in the lab from all sorts of chemicals can ever out perform the real thing.”

Plant botanicals when arranged into complex cords of top, middle and base notes can create the most sublime fragrances. These fragrances work on a few levels; they slowly unfold reveling levels of complexity that respond to the alchemy of our body’s chemistry. They can arouse our emotions, soothe our being and most of all heal us.

Many modern products are full of ingredients that when used over time may impede the body’s ability to heal and balance itself. These products also contain within them chemicals, additives and preservatives developed in the laboratory that have nothing at all to do with truly sustaining balance in our lives.

Our goal is to continually develop and market personal care products that are more than objects of fashion, they must be true classics. Therapeutate products were designed to be an essential part of your daily beauty regimen.

 We began this process by choosing the highest quality ingredients found from nature. This means no chemicals, no adulterations and no substitutes for the best. Our first inkling is to employ raw materials that are pure and certified organic. When organic is not possible, we then choose Wild Crafted and Therapeutic grade constituents which are of the highest standards. We never compromise on quality.

 These are the basics that encompass Therapeutate Pure Essene Oil Therapy and Parfum au Naturel lines. We are not content just being a superior line of products, in addition, we derive great joy out of instilling harmony into others lives. Our final Ta-dah is to add the balancing affect of Reiki Energy to the Pure Essene Oil Therapy line. It serves as an added measure of balance and preventative care.

Go a head and luxuriate,


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