Just wanted to give you a heads-up on the exciting things to come at Therapeutate Parfums.
We are campaigning to raise funds to open our first free standing store and would like to have your support.
Please visit our ambitious and completely possible undertaking to fund the building of a flagship store/ laboratory to house this earth friendly fragrance company.
If you are not familiar with our brand, we began right here in Brooklyn in 2007. Our motto from the very beginning has been “Why can’t Green Fragrance be Luxury?’ And with each new scent we produce, we prove that it can be, from the complex potions to the flacon and packaging that house these sought after fragrances.
We are the first African-American fragrance house to be in the business of Bespoke Natural perfumes. And I am one of the few African descent males to venture out into the world of Luxury Perfumes. What I mean, its not just my name on the bottle, but I create, develop, package and market all fragrances from Therapeutate. The potential of this company is vast and has a future that reaches into global market shares.
The fastest growing areas in fragrance is “Naturals” and “Mens”. Botanical perfumes have made such a stir in the market place, even the large multi-nationals like Estee Lauder and Coty are rushing to develop lines that cater to this expanding niche. That puts us on the cutting edge and posed for success!
Therapeutate Parfums is building a vertical business, it will be a one stop shop for fragrance development, compounding, packaging and marketing of both natural and luxury perfumes. It will cover retail, wholesale and private label development, garnering profit flow from various sectors of the market place.
However, we really need you help at this very juncture. Having a flagship store creates a place to show off the TP experience and we have partnered with and to help make this dream a possibility. Please visit these sites and show your support. There are also some leveled perks that you can take advantage of while they last, so jump in……..beat a drum, blow a horn, send up a smoke signal about our campaign.
As always,
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